Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Back to the Beach

Unlike our friends who have kids in private school, we still have two weeks (the last 10 of the 180 day requirement) left of public school in Mendham Township, New Jersey... and, even though we've collected all of London's softball trophies, we're still wrapping up after school activities like Garden State Ballet with the girls' recital next weekend. This weekend, London had a sleepover and the weather was iffy (scattered thunderstorms), so we decided to skip the beach... a nice relaxing day by the pool and in the garden (no thunderstorms so far) and a visit from Grammy tomorrow, but we won't get to the beach until the last week of June, when we'll stay down for a week until the 4th of July to celebrate Rex's birthday.

So, while we're away from the beach, our whole family is making up a "to do" list:
  • Dinner at Theresa's South in Bay Head;
  • Dinner at Mahogany Grill;
  • 100 clams from the Crab Shack in Brick;
  • London and Maddie walking Peanut Butter with cockapoo pal Cashew in Centennial Park;
  • Baking a sand castle birthday cake for Rex; and, of course,
  • Lying on the beach and playing in the waves!