Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dennis Foy's Bay Point Prime -- Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

I'll have to wait until we get down to the beach in May to review Dennis Foy's Bay Point Prime, as we never know for sure whether Dennis and his wife will decide to show up.

July Update: I've posted several times about Dennis Foy's Bay Point Prime since this original short note, but I'm leaving this post here because it seems to be Google's favorite link. Just click the link within the post for a more recent review of one of our summer dinners at BayPoint Prime. Thanks!


CBGB said...

I used to enjoy my summer diners at Bay Point Prime until July 12th 2008. The day of the VEAL CHOP SPECIAL!

I ordered the veal chop. It arrived with gummy mashed potatoes and mushy gray peas. The chop was not the problem, Mr. Foy was.
While in the bathroom my wife heard Mr. Foy rant about one of the patrons with enough superlatives to embarrass a sailor. As the patron exited Foy yelled “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!” It escalated, but you get the picture.
Our server brought us the check & volunteered, “The staff screwed up their order” & fired 1 veal chop when they ordered 2; they had to wait for the 2nd & didn’t want to pay for it. Dennis insisted he pay & so the feud ensued.
My bill revealed the chop was $65 (I never asked, they never said). No entrée on the menu exceeds $35. How can Mr. Foy justify $65 for a veal chop with mushy gray peas? I suspect that this was the real objection of the angry patron.
And oh, there was no charge for the show!

RoxiticusDH said...

Wow, CBGB, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I haven't tried the veal special this year, but have truly enjoyed Dennis Foy's veal chops in the past at Bay Point Prime. I believe the $65price tag would be justified by the 28 ounces...unfortunately, Foy's critics say he hasn't done well with vegetables at the beach.