Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Roxy Cuts 2008 Tax Bill by Spending Money On Year-End Blogging Tools

I don't know about you, but lately everywhere I go in the blogosphere, I seem to be reading about one of my blogosphere buddies using Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to use their own speaking voice to post to their blogs and create documents, reports and e-mails as much as three times faster than most people type -- with up to 99% accuracy. Mariuca and LadyJava can surf the web using their lovely voices or dictate and edit in software programs including Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and many other Windows-based applications. Dragon Voice Shortcuts collapse common tasks into simple voice commands. Bloggers and small business owners can create custom commands that will insert blocks of text or bitmaps -- your name, title, or signature -- by barking (or meowing) out a single voice command. Soccer moms can even dictate their next blog post into a handheld device when on the soccer field or otherwise away from the PC, or use a Bluetooth microphone. The software package includes a high-quality headset.

Right now through December 31, 2008, bloggers and small business owners can save on Dragon Naturally Speaking with the following coupon codes for 10 to 25% off:

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

Another good reason to shop now is that if, like me, you're buying the software for your business, there's still time to write it off for this year's 2008 taxes if you buy by December 31st.


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