Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maddie Misses Her Beach House

Tonight I caught up on the phone with one of our beach house neighbors down in Bay Head, New Jersey. Right now, it's hard to think about sun, surf and sand, cruising along Ocean Avenue in a souped up honda shadow 750. The people over at Weather dot com say the wind chill here in the Roxiticus Valley makes it feel like 3 below zero Fahrenheit... brrr! Anyway, despite the snow, ice and wintry weather, our beach house seems fine.

Not much is going on at the beach in January. Sadly, Artisan's Galleria on Mount Street closed at the end of the year. Rumor has it the owner is thinking about converting the retail space to an apartment to be rented this summer instead of trying to find someone who wants to open a new store in the current economy.

Particularly if we get away someplace warm during the winter months, my daughter Maddie starts to miss her beach house and asks when we'll be going to Bay Head. Even though we close our beach house for the season after the annual Halloween parade, we may make a trip down to Bay Head this winter. Rex's son, Trader, just moved into a new place in Connecticut. He has a huge open wall in the living room and is hoping I could take a photo of the Bay Head surf and have one of those places blow it up life size so even in the dead of winter in the Northeast it would always feel like Surfs Up!

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a. @ coterie said...

It's definitely freezing in Mantoloking!