Thursday, August 6, 2009

London May Be Headed for Third Grade, but She Thinks She's College Campus Ready

This post was sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine. With that out of the way, I'm here to tell you that although London will only be entering the third grade at Mendham Township Elementary School in the Fall, she's been flirting with her twenty something camp counselors all summer and appears to be CampusReady. Lucky for mom, I've got another ten years before London will be heading off to college in the Fall, spending her back to school days at to shop by dorm room (with virtual suites of coordinating dorm room products and design ideas to make that first home away from home her own), making a shopping checklist of things she'd like mom and dad to buy, and of course checking out the latest apparel must-haves, with links to all the categories of clothing she'll need for every aspect of campus life, including the ones her mom is better off not knowing about. Sears has even created a Facebook application to ensure my future college freshman will have an easy transition from high school into the college arena...check it out at CampusReady on Facebook.

While many of us have watched our net worth vanish before our very eyes on the past year's stock market rollercoaster, college tuition costs continue to rise, but Sears and Upromise are here to help... they're giving away a total of $25,000 in college tuition prizes. Since we started using Upromise to save for college when I was pregnant with London, we've collected almost ten thousand dollars... sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars (refinancing two mortgages), sometimes ten bucks a pop from online purchases, sometimes pennies at a time at the grocery store, but it is not hard to earn and every bit counts. Upromise members are automatically entered in the contest with a purchase through, or you can enter free at See for all the rules and complete details.


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