Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Too Tired to Be a Second Grader...

I had spent the day hard at work on a Confidential Information Memorandum for one of our investment banking clients (Project "Rocket Science"), and had just about run out of brain cells. Not to mention feeling a bit under the weather with the first cold of the season. Then Maddie asked me for help on her second grade math and logic puzzle homework tonight. She had finished most of the assignment, leaving only the toughest problems for mom to help on. There were words in circles and other words not in circles, and somehow you were supposed to guess what the non-circle words had in common with each other and did not have in common with the circle words. Here's a sample problem that Maddie said was easy...the circle words are teddy bear, doll, and blanket; outside the circle words are pants, scissors, and pliers. Well, not only am I NOT smart enough to be a fourth grader, I am too tired to be a second grader! Turns out the answer is the words outside the circle come in pairs. I think I'll put on a pair of pajamas, grab my teddy bear, and get into bed early so I can wake up smart enough to be a second grader, third grader, and an investment banker.

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