Tuesday, May 25, 2010

London and Maddie's Softball Rampage!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Softball Rampage. All opinions are 100% mine.

Softball season in the Roxiticus Valley is almost over for London's third and fourth grade Yankee team and Maddie's first and second grade Mets team.... Maddie's team has a round robin end to their season this Saturday, and London's team has playoffs next week and a potential battle for the championship the following weekend. Rex and I agree that we're the parents who seem to be having the most fun at our daughters' softball games... since our girls just started softball this year, we don't have a three-year history of tee ball and coach pitch instructional league, so everything about softball is all new and exciting to us, while our friends all have a bit of the "been there, done that" look.

Once the season is over, we'll have to find ways of keeping softball in our lives during the off-season. London and Maddie's teenage babysitters for this summer are three softball-playing teenage sisters, so my girls may get some backyard training in the art of fast pitch. Meanwhile, Softball Rampage is looking for the funniest, most clever softball team names to win their contest. The Yankees and the Mets are hardly original, so Rex, London, Maddie and I will have to come up with some doozies... London's coach, who was born to be a softball coach, has both a great coaching style and a fun writing style in his game recaps... I'm still laughing to myself over "sleep well little Dodgers" (maybe you had to be there). So winning the Softball Rampage contest may be easy for our coach, and for you: go to the blog post for the contest and list your best offbeat softball team names in the comments section for a chance to win $200 in RampageBucks Rewards which can be spent on the Softball Rampage web site to buy softball bats, gloves, and other gear for your real-life team. I'm going with a long one: Butchers, Bakers, and Candlestickmakers... the girls on London's team can explain it to you.

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Liz said...

Nice post, and like your blog. Hope the summer turns out well, with lots of softball being played in the backyard for your girls!
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