Monday, August 1, 2011

Music Monday: "Power Windows" by Billy Falcon

This past weekend, we were down at our beach house in Bay Head for the first time in a long time...London and Maddie's softball, a mini-high school reunion at our home in the Roxiticus Valley, and the crazy heatwave kept us away for several weeks in a row, but it sure was great to be back. Even as the rain poured down on Friday night (paving the way for a perfect beach weekend), I was happy to sit out on our porch with Rex and the puppies, drinking my 4 o'clock beer and listening to some classic late 80s/early 90s tunes on my iPod. "Heaven's Highest Hill" (featured this week on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives) came on and I knew it had to be Billy Falcon theme week for my Music Monday posts. "Power Windows" took me back to 1991 and my on-again, off-again long distance relationship with Johnny Moneybags and reminded me it was worth the wait for my happy ending without him.

Charlie drives a brand new Mercedes Benz.
He's got another one just like it, just like all his friends.
His wife is playin' tennis and his kids are off at school.
He drives home to his empty house and sits by his empty swimming pool.

But, he's got power windows. He's got power brakes.
He's got a power bed. Push a button and it shakes.
He's got no one to talk to and tears rolling down his face.
He's ain't got the power of love...

Louis drives a beat up '69 Dart.
Swares it's the statue of Mary that keeps the car from falling apart.
With Gracie right beside him sittin' closer than a smile.
She's got her head on his shoulder.
He loves to drive and hold her.

He got no power windows. Got no power brakes.
He ain't got no power nothin' but he got what it takes.
He's got Gracie's arm around him and a smile on his face.
He's got the power of love.

No air condition' cellular telephone.
He goes rumblin' down the highway listenin' to his A.M. radio.
With one arm out the window and a smile on his face
Makes you wonder how he got there 'til you see him look at Grace...

No power no power brakes..
he ain't got no power nothin' but he got what it takes...
one arm out the window and a smile upon his face...
it makes you wonder how he got there until you see hime look at Grace...
See him look at grace.

He got the power... ain't that the power of love
He's got the power...ain't that the power of love
He's got the power...ain't that the power of love
He's got the poer...ain't that the...he got no
power no power brakes
He ain't got no power nothing but he got what it takes...
power of love...the power of love...he got the power...the power of love

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dj trish said...

Cowabunga!Your back!I've missed your posts and hope all is well with you.
The Bay Head Fire Company Clambake is August 20th starting at 12 noon!There will be good food,beer,Soda and Entertainment by The Sherman Brothers Band and DJ Trish.
I hope to see you there!Trish

RoxiticusDH said...

Trish I LOVE the Sherman Brothers Band...they are my PLUMBERS!! I will post about the clambake...even though London and Maddie love clams we never seem to make it there but there's a first time for everything.