Monday, May 19, 2008

Jenkinson’s on the Boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

While Rex and I tend to prefer Jenkinsons' next-door neighbor, Martell's Tiki Bar, both on the boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, there's a lot to be said about Jenks' calendar of upcoming shows, kicking off with an optimistic Wednesday night start to your Memorial Day Weekend on the Jersey Shore:

Wednesday, May 21st: The Gin Blossoms

  • Thursday, May 22nd: Screaming Broccoli
  • Friday, May 23rd: Life House (WPLJ Live with Scott & Todd, doors open at 6am, yes that's six in the morning)
  • Friday, May 23rd: Life Speed with DJ Robbie O
  • Saturday, May 24th: Big Orange Cone with DJ Unique
  • Sunday, May 25th: The Benjamins with DJ Unique

Apparently with the exception of this Wednesday with the Gin Blossoms, every Wednesday night is now Country Night at Jenk's! I may have to dust off my cowboy boots (custom-made just for Roxy in Texas) and cowboy hat and head on over to check out the live bands each week. Country Wednesdays are hosted by K98.5's Kaptain Jack and sponsored by Corona.


Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy! I see Mariuca is here again, having problems keeping up with my EC he he...too many of them all over da place! ;)

Mariuca said...

Hola again! Just zooming in and out of the blogworld with my trusty BE rocket!

Hey, how come u're not on Facebook? Or are u already a member and I just haven't found u there yet? :)

Shinade said...

Hi Roxy,
I am so new and numb about EC. Thanks to Marzie I am now going through and finding all of us Red Drops.

I am adding everyone to my faves. Please forgive me for not dropping more. I did not know how to find everyone.

Hey we are headed to Maine right now. I will be very close to you!!:-)

Shinade said...

Hey again Roxy,
What can I say? All 4 of my grandsons are native I have a soft spot in my heart for the East Coast. I added you to my roll also!!

Hope to get to know you much better soon.

I am blogging while travelling on the road with my hubby right now in our blogging is a little difficult sometimes.

But, I will get by as much as possible. I will be back home in a couple of months. Then I am always on the PC.

We always make this annual trip together so that I get at least one month in Maine each year.

I don't like flying. And, besides our rig is's just like being in an RV. We even have our 2 cats and our dog with us...LOLZ!!:-)

Mariuca said...

I just love seeing my EC at other ppl's blogs, especially this one! Have a great beachy weekend! ;)