Sunday, October 18, 2009

Making Plans for a Pet... or Two

It is no secret that my younger daughter, Maddie, wants a dog. For the past couple of years, she's done every school project, big or small, about dogs. At the Mendham Township Elementary School book fair last spring, Rex and I found her a huge encyclopedia of dogs and, despite its five pound coffee table book weight, Maddie carries it with her everywhere, reading out chapter and verse on different breeds and how to take care of your new puppy. When she has a chance to go online, Maddie visits all sorts of dog and pet web sites, such as - Adopt a cat! a site which lists thousands of dogs and cats, currently cared for at reputable animal shelters across North America, who are all looking and waiting for loving homes.

Due to her older sister London's pet allergies, Rex and I have been reluctant to adopt a pet for Maddie, but after three years of "research and testing," including a doggy slumber party, with the Cock-a-poo across the street from our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey, we believe that London no longer has allergic reactions to certain dog breeds. Maddie has used our zip code to look for a dog on Petango, which provides a real-time searchable database of happy, well-loved pets waiting in reputable shelters around the country for new loving homes. The pets Maddie finds on Petango are right in our own backyard. Now we just have to find one... or two... who won't make London sneeze and break out in hives...wish us luck!


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