Friday, October 23, 2009

Mrs. Bill, Where Are You Now?

Over the long Columbus Day/Roxy's Birthday Celebration weekend, one of London's teachers gave me some homework... to provide my insights into London's reading style and abilities and any influences on her reading and writing. The "homework assignment" got me thinking back to my own childhood and the teachers who influenced my own reading and writing and made a difference in my life. Over the twenty five years since high school, I've lost contact with all of my teachers, most of whom must have retired by now... including the Freshman English teacher I'll call "Mrs. Bill." While I can't say that the assigned reading for her class really inspired me, I give Mrs. Bill credit for getting me started on a lifetime of keeping a journal... and eventually a blog, though the Internet hadn't been invented yet when I was in college... never mind high school.

In an attempt to track down Mrs. Bill, I've Googled her and tried the usual social networking sites, but I don't think many people over the age of 60 has a Facebook page! So I'm going to visit MyLife, America's #1 people search, and test out the service to see if you can find Mrs. Bill...If I find her, I'll let all of my loyal readers know what she's up to these days, and I'll be sure to thank her for influencing the writer (and mother of two readers/writers) I am today.


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