Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad Softly to the Fridge In Search Of Beer

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Citi. All opinions are 100% mine.

So... Apple launched the iPad today, and the best headline I found came from fellow blogger Ken Armstrong's incessant Twittering: "iPad Softly to the Fridge In Search Of Beer." Runner up was "iBored." Although my husband, Rex, remains hopeful that the iPad could be a cross between his beloved Blackberry and the notebook computer he refuses to carry with him to and from the office, I'm skeptical... of course, I'm the one Rex turns to when technology goes wrong. He dumped his iPhone after a week because he couldn't stand the touch screen, and has been disappointed about being able to open and read client files (in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) on his Blackberry. So we'll see.

There is some good news for the iPhone and iPad: millions of Citi® credit card customers in the United States can now manage their card accounts via the downloadable Citi Mobile(SM) application for the iPhone® device, and I'm guessing Rex would be able to use his shiny new iPad to access our Citi credit card accounts, since the iPad runs on the same operating system. According to Citi's Head of North America Consumer Internet & Mobile, Liza Landsman, "This application now provides our customers with anywhere, anytime access to their credit card account information, which is important for people on the go. It will help more customers to stay connected in real-time to their finances and to make informed spending decisions." If you're like Rex and me, Existing Citibank members click here to download Citi's Mobile App for the iPhone; if you don't have a Citi credit card, you can also Click here to apply for Citibank and then get started with all the benefits of mobile access to your account information: manage spending more wisely, quickly check account balances and available credit at any time with just a tap of the screen, and get details on recent transactions and the date on which your next payment is due, which can help prevent the accrual of fees from inadvertently late or missed payments.

I'll let you know if Rex gets the iPad... and speaking of Citi, I'd better make my monthly payment right now!

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