Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

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Way back when, the wild single Roxy traveled to Vancouver... for skiing and well, the type of thing wild single women usually travel to do. It involved a long running bet with a Vancouver lawyer over the New York Rangers and the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Now that I'm married with children, however, the closest I'll get to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics will probably be on TV and a FREE Coca-Cola Collectible Medallion, available exclusively at Mac's Stores. Roxy (and each of you loyal Bay Head Blog readers out there) can receive one of three different (but all free, free, free) Coca-Cola Collectible Medallions with the purchase of two (2) Coca-Cola 591mL products at Mac's stores.

While I've told London and Maddie that they aren't allowed to drink soda (and ruin their teeth) until they're seventeen years old, I love all of the Coca-Cola products. Back in my college days when I didn't have to worry about my girlish figure, I drank Coke Classic. More recently, I'm a Coke Zero fan, and for a little variety Rex and I both drink Diet Coke with Lime or Diet Cherry Coke. So we won't have any trouble going back to Mac's Stores again and again to score each of the unique Olympic Medallions. This giveaway is subject to availability, so drink Coke and get yours right away.

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