Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Weekend in Bay Head, New Jersey: Theresa's South Is Still Not Open!

Despite the earlier protests of our year-round neighbors in Bay Head, New Jersey, we've had a restaurant on the corner of Mount Street and Route 35 for several years. It started with Heat Wave, which changed to Bay Head Bistro. The location changed hands again over this past winter, and there's a sign that the owners of Theresa's, Mojave Grill, and Isabella's, all in Westfield, New Jersey, are bringing Theresa's South to Mount Street in Bay Head.

I had hoped to take Rex and the girls for an early Father's Day dinner this Sunday at Theresa's South, but when we arrived down here this afternoon (Friday the 13th) we noticed that there's still paper covering all of the windows and it doesn't look like the restaurant will be open during the month of June. I called the phone number listed for Theresa's South (732-892-1555), but they haven't even set up an answering machine or forwarded calls to one of their other restaurants.

Still hoping Theresa's South will open in time for Rex's birthday at the end of June.

Theresa's South is located at 530 Main Avenue (Route 35) at the corner of Mount Street in Bay Head, NJ. Phone (732) 892-1555.


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