Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy for Theresa's South...The New Bay Head Restaurant Opened on Thursday Night for Dinner, but Had to Turn People Away Because They're Too Busy!

Rex cooked dinner at the beach tonight -- an amazing Bobby Flay recipe for pork tenderloin with an Asian sauce -- but we checked on our new restauranteur neighbors at Theresa's South, and found they've been open for business since Thursday night. Our neighbors are giving them raves, but rejected diners are marching back down Mount Street because the restaurant is too busy to feed them on Saturday night!

Despite the earlier protests of our year-round neighbors in Bay Head, New Jersey, we've had a restaurant on the corner of Mount Street and Route 35 for several years. It started with Heat Wave, which changed to Bay Head Bistro. The location changed hands again over this past winter, and a sign outside the restaurant proclaims that the owners of Theresa's, Mojave Grill, and Isabella's, all in Westfield, New Jersey, are bringing Theresa's South to Mount Street in Bay Head.

The restaurant won't take reservations, but you can call Theresa's South (732-892-1555) about 45 minutes before you're ready for dinner to get on their waiting list. Rex and I are planning to take the girls for dinner on Monday night. One of our neighbors told us that the appetizers, priced $8 to $12, are huge portions, and that Theresa's South serves up a mean linguine with baby clams for my Jedi clam eaters.

Theresa's South is located at 530 Main Avenue (Route 35) at the corner of Mount Street in Bay Head, NJ. Phone (732) 892-1555.


Nishadha Silva said...

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Mariuca said...

I am here at BHB, yeeha! Happy beachy weekend Roxy, send my love and kisses to the cuties! :)