Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Debt Relief Haiku

Here's a new take on the haiku I used to write in all of my favorite Jersey Shore Bars...maybe it is a sign that Roxy's gettin' older, but this one's not about surfers, love or loneliness. Instead, it is dedicated to Debt Relief.

Beach house foreclosures
All around the neighborhood
Need some Debt relief

Don't let my poem fool you...Bay Head, New Jersey, is probably one of the few areas where housing prices remain stable, thanks to the laws of supply and demand. There's a limited supply of homes in our beautiful beach town, and who doesn't want a house at the beach? While everyone I know can use a little Debt help, our solid Bay Head beach home values enable beach homeowners to take advantage of our home equity for Debt consolidation instead of paying high rates on credit card debt. I took a little quiz over at BillsIQ and learned a great deal about our family's overall financial health and methods for improving my financial score. Check it out!


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