Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Theresa's South Blew It on Rex's Birthday...Mahogany Grill to the Rescue!

As soon as we arrived at our beach house in Bay Head last Friday, we checked on our new restauranteur neighbors at Theresa's South, and found they were open for business as of the night before (Thursday, June 26th). A couple of our neighbors gave the new restaurant raves, but on Saturday night, we saw a stream of rejected diners marching back down Mount Street with their BYOBs tucked under their arms because Theresa's South was too busy to feed them! Not what you'd expect from the experienced owners of not one or two but three other restaurants (Theresa's, Mojave Grill, and Isabella's, all in Westfield, New Jersey)... Well, it turns out we should have taken the not so subtle hint and made other plans for Rex's birthday last night.

Theresa's South won't take reservations (big mistake...huge), but they assured me that the restaurant was open 7 nights for dinner, and we should just call 732-892-1555 and ask to be added to their waiting list 45 minutes before we wished to enjoy Rex's birthday celebration dinner. Instead, the girls and I walked over just before 7:00pm and found that Theresa's South was dark and locked up tight, with nary a note of explanation. One of their neighbors suggested that "there was some trouble in the kitchen." We gave Rex the bad news but turned it into a good excuse to return to Mahogany Grille in Manasquan for a guaranteed perfect of our terrific evening to follow!

I guess it's more Theresa's South's loss than ours...with so many excellent restaurants at the Jersey Shore, we don't have time for a "make up" for the next month or so. If you're still interested, Theresa's South is located at 530 Main Avenue (Route 35) at the corner of Mount Street in Bay Head, NJ. Phone (732) 892-1555.

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