Monday, July 28, 2008

Jersey Shore Artists: Kate Leigh Cutler's New Show, "The Maritime History of the Barnegat Coast" Now Through Labor Day at the NJ Museum of Boating

This past weekend, Rex and the girls and I had the pleasure of attending a reception for our neighboring artist, Kate Leigh Cutler at the NJ Museum of Boating. Kate's show, The Maritime History of the Barnegat Coast, opened with the reception on Sunday, July 27th, and runs through Labor Day Weekend 2008. I've said it before, but now that I've seen all of the paintings in the show, I'll repeat that this study really breaks new ground (or water) for her...most of the new paintings are dark and ominous, tales of storms and shipwrecks.

I purchased the painting shown above for Rex's birthday, but there are lots of other moody Kate Leigh Cutler paintings left for you, and you'll have the rest of the summer to check it out...the show runs through September 1, 2008, at the New Jersey Museum of Boating (at Johnson Brother's Boat Works) in Bay Head, NJ.


Mariuca said...

And now I'm zooming by in a rocket! :)

I like the outfit she's wearing, it looks cute on her and so colourful! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Roxy! Quick hello and EC drop before I return to my contest he he he! I might have been defeated last night at BOTB but watch me bring the Tee home lolz!! :):):)

Imelda said...

Hi im dropping by from the genie post. Hope you 'll visit my site.

Anonymous said...

just out of that a lady in that top picture?

RoxiticusDH said...

Not sure which one you mean. The artist, Kate Leigh Cutler ( a lady) stands next to two of her paintings. The top one is "Storm torches" and I believe it is a man in the painting.

S. A. Hart said...

Great paintings! Thanks for sharing the images with us. I'm sure your husband will love the painting you bought. As an artist, I appreciate patrons such as you. Well done! As you appreciate art, you might want to check out my blog, The Artist's Muse at

Margaret said...

What a cool painting! Nothing like that would go in my house, but I can still admire and appreciate an artist with talent like that. Congratulations on making that investment!