Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Lil' Sumpin' for Roxy's Chilly Nights at the Beach


Either here on the Bay Head Blog or over on my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog, I know I've posted about my daughter Maddie's special monkey blanket, Tonkie, that travels with us everywhere. In fact, Maddie announced the other day that her Tonkie is actually a member of our family, increasing Maddie's number of siblings and my number of responsibilities. Rex is a naturally warm person, both personality-wise and temperature-wise, so he prefers a great deal of air conditioning, which hasn't worked so well for those of us Van de Kamps (Roxy and London) who prefer to be snuggly warm but do not travel with our own personal Tonkies.

Aunt Veg and Uncle Quiet flew in from Pasadena to see their nieces in the big Annie's Playhouse show back up north and west in the Roxiticus Valley, and to enjoy the sun, surf and sand of Bay Head from our beach house for a couple of days. Aunt Veg, who shares my genetic predisposition to feeling chilly all the time, told me that the airlines no longer carry blankets or pillows on board. While none of the airlines have made a big public announcement on this hot (cold?) issue, the fact is that coach class travelers won't find blankets and pillows readily available.

Brent will also tell you how chilly I get when I visit our LizWorld NYC headquarters. There's an air conditioning vent pointing directly down on my side of our partners' desk, and I've been known to wrap myself up in an embarrassingly large Nantucket blanket when we're not in a client meeting, providing Rex and Brent with their laugh for the day.

Forgive me if I'm oversharing, but all of this background information is leading up to some good news for my chilly nights at the beach in the form of the Cabin Cuddler: a six-in-one grown-up travel blankie and own personal Tonkie for the beach, home, or office. Discreet but entirely functional, the Cabin Cuddler comes in two colors, black or cranberry (to match my purse). There's a patented pocket to keep my feet warm under my LizWorld desk, and the contour cut of the blanket will cover every inch of my body without causing a laugh like my stylish Nantucket office wrap. A rich, reversible tote bag carries both blanket and inflatable pillow, and turns into a hygienic pillow, a bit unlike our dear Tonkie, who doesn't get washed as often as the other members of the family.

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