Sunday, May 3, 2009

Renewing My Domain Names

I know I've mentioned over on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives how busy Rex and I have been at work at our "real jobs" lately, but after the big 9am Monday staff meeting tomorrow (as I told my good blogosphere buddy, Mariuca, I have to get up so early to catch a 6:30 am train from Bernardsville to New York City that I should probably stay up all night long, but I'm afraid I'd doze off while the partners were looking for my undivided attention), I plan to spend the rest of the week until Friday trying to catch up on other important stuff that has been slipping between the cracks. Like my domain renewals. Roxy's Best Of almost ran out in April, but I caught it just in time. Domain renewal time is also a good time to look into my webhosting options. When I first started blogging and moved some of my content to my own web sites, I stayed with our company's business site host and they didn't know a thing about WordPress or other blogging tools. Now that those sites are up for renewal, it's time to check out Web Hosting Geeks to see which web hosts they recommend for multiple domain hosting and blog hosting expertise. If you're thinking about leaving Google's Blogger (otherwise known as Blogspot) or other free hosting service and are looking for a new web hosting service, be sure to do your online web hosting research before signing up with a host.

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