Friday, May 15, 2009

Second Annual Shout Out to Point Beach Painting

It's time for another shout out to our beach house painter: Steve of Point Beach Painting!

After Rex and the girls and I spent the past couple of weekends up north in the Roxiticus Valley, New Jersey, we grabbed the girls out of school early and returned to our beach house in Bay Head, NJ this afternoon. While we were away, Steve of Point Beach Painting had been busy freshening up the blue and white paint on the porch of our Bay Head NJ Beach House. He also did some touch up work in the dining room and one bedroom where an older paint job had started to peel... the salt air down here really gives the paint a beating, inside and out. Steve's family has been in the painting business forever, his prices are fair, and he's done nice work for us two years running.

If you live in the Bay Head - Pt. Pleasant Beach area and your beach house needs a refreshing paint job, call Steve at Point Beach Painting: (732) 779-4551.

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