Friday, December 18, 2009

Crafts for Christmas!!

Crazy Christmas craft coincidence (say that three times fast): London came home from the Mendham Township Elementary School library the other day with a book called "Crafts for Christmas" by Katherine N. Cutler and Kate Cutler Bogle. We didn't have a chance to open it before the girls headed out to school in the morning, but I was just getting ready to put it away in the library book basket in London's room when I read "About the Authors" on the book jacket...turns out to be our Bay Head artist neighbor and her mom...maybe 40 years ago! The girls will be delighted to learn that our very own Katie Cutler is the famous author... and I'll be sure to have them email her their questions when we get stuck on any of the crafts... as my loyal readers know, Roxy is not so crafty.

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