Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bringing the Bay Head Blog to Life with Charter

Charter Communications is asking bloggers like me the question:


I'm here to tell my tale of the Bay Head Blog and my stolen moments on the Internet at our beach house. Maybe my story will be the one that wins!

Everyone knows that digital tools are constantly changing the way we live our lives, interact with our friends and families, and how we learn and play. Our neighbors at the beach who have cable TV and high speed Internet are able to order movies on demand instead of driving to the video store or watching the same old DVDs and videotapes (yes, we have VHS!). While we still pick up the Sunday New York Times at Curtis' Central Market, our digitized neighbors get their news from online sources. We keep an old-fashioned scrapbook of our favorite beach photos while our neighbors share photos and videos online with their friends and family. We see our friends at the beach and remark how all the kids have grown over the winter, while the neighbors with cable catch up with old friends and Charter on Facebook. While others' lives have changed dramatically due to the digital tools they can use, our beach house has been left behind in 1985 because of stubborn Roxy's refusal to do business with a certain Comcastic cable TV and Internet provider.

If only I could be a Charter Communications customer – phone, high speed Internet or cable. The company wants to know how you live your digital life, and I'd like to get one. Simply “Tell Us How You Do It,” and you can win some great prizes. Each week Charter is giving away either a 15” laptop or a 52” HDTV to one lucky customer who submits their story. At the end of the promotion, Charter will also give away a grand prize package of one 52” HFTV, one 15” Laptop, and a free year of the Charter Bundle with includes Digital Cable with HD and a DVR, Charter High-Speed Internet and Charter Telephone. There it is -- Roxy's very own digital life all rolled up in a big bundle! All I have to do is visit Charter and submit my story with photos or video that shows how I use my digital tools. Wish me luck...


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