Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eeew.... Rabies!

An animal control officer has encountered two rabid raccoons in the Borough of Bay Head, NJ, within the past two weeks, said Sgt. Geoffrey Barger of the Bay Head Police Department.

One of the raccoons was found in the area of Evergreen Drive and the other was found rummaging through a trash bin on the 500 block of Lake Avenue. Both were tested by animal control and have been confirmed to be infected with rabies, according to a release from the Police Department. Residents and visitors are urged to avoid attracting raccoons and other wildlife by keeping all trash in covered containers, Barger said.

Unattended small children and pets should not be allowed to play near wooded areas where there could be a potential to come in contact with rabid animals. Anyone who comes in contact with an animal that appears to show abnormal or aggressive behavior should contact authorities immediately. The Bay Head Police Department can be reached at 732-892-0632.

We had trouble with raccoons last summer and again in the beginning of this season in Bay Head. They were getting in through our chimney and leaving their paw prints all over the house. I'm sure glad we had our beach house "raccoon-proofed" by Muskrat Jack. If you have raccoon trouble, I'd recommend giving him a call at (732) 295-1618.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in Point Pleasant Boro and this problem is much bigger in the Beach, Boro and Bay Head than is being reported. Be extra super careful! Please pass the word on this - especially to children! If you see an animal in the daytime that you normally would only see at night (raccoon, possum, skunk, etc) it could very well have rabies. That's not true in all cases but why take the chance?