Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat: Democratic and Republican Presidential and Vice-Presidential Hopefuls Greet Supporters at the Bay Head Halloween Parade in Bay Head,

While Rex and the girls and I have been fortunate to take home the Bay Head Halloween Parade's "Good Sport" trophy (for adults who get dressed up to march in the parade with their children) this year and in prior years, one family almost always gets the trophy for the best family, and this year was no exception.

In the photo on the left, Sarah Palin greets the crowd on Mount Street in Bay Head, then on the right she joins, from left to right, a very short Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bay Head Mayor Bill Curtis, and John McCain to accept the big family trophy.

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Mariuca said...

Congrats on ur trophy Roxy! Many more to come I bet, both offline and online YAY! :):):)