Friday, October 3, 2008

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Just kidding...with my birthday on its way later this month, I'm well aware that I am all grown up. After a day on the phone with a difficult client and the miserable stock market making me sick to my sensitive stomach, though, I was starting to wonder if investment banking is the right career for me. I found a web site that matches people with the right franchise and started to play around with other opportunities for when I really really grow up...or maybe in my next life, since the gray hairs are really coming in this week. I considered automotive repair franchises...not for me. I even dread the conversation with the mechanic at Jim Salerno Automotive when my SUV starts to make a clunkety clunkety sound or the ride just doesn't feel right. How about a blinds franchise... I could call it "The Blind Leading the Blind." Maybe a Moving Franchise is right for me... as long as I don't have to do all the heavy lifting. I still remember the 48 hours when The Padded Wagon spent about 18 hours moving all of our belongings out of New York City, and then I surprised them by opening the door at my Somerset, New Jersey, house the very next day so they could consolidate all of those belongings from my single days into our lovely home in the Roxiticus Valley.

The fact is, for all my frustration on the bad days, I really love being an investment banker, helping people to sell their companies to the highest bidder. Since Rex and I focus on mergers and acquisitions, I don't really spend my day up to my neck in the stock market, and we get to know a nice circle of entrepreneurs. So I'm going to stick with investment banking, until I figure out how to make a living blogging from my boudoir.

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