Friday, October 3, 2008

While the Rest of the World Goes Mad, Roxy Goes Shopping

I think I'm going to shut down my Google sidebar so I can't see how the stock market is doing anymore. I thought when the House passed the bailout bill, stocks would bounce back a bit before the weekend, but no such luck. So I've stopped looking at it and I'm doing my bit to help the economy by shopping online. I bought our family's Halloween costumes this afternoon, and now I'm checking out designer clothing online... brands like Loeffler Randall and Madison Marcus.

Gotta run...Maddie's afternoon play date is here. Time for my four o'clock beer (let's make it a Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale). Then, as Hannah Montana would sing, I'll be ready to put on my old blue jeans and head out to the Family Sock Hop at Mendham Township Elementary School.

We'll head down to our beach house in Bay Head, New Jersey, on Saturday, in plenty of time for a lunchtime Central Market Sub and some grilled clams from the Crab Shack for dinner. I think London and Maddie are planning to paint some special Halloween and Fall-themed seashells for their seashell stand...

See you at the beach tomorrow!

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