Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Local Areas Added to Roxy's Best Of...Red Bank, Morristown, Lambertville and Pluckemin, New Jersey...Still Looking for Local Bloggers in Texas

Every day, I've been trying to add a little more local content to my Roxy's Best Of... WordPress MU community. While late night TV hosts can poke fun of our state with "yo! what exit?" I'm not actually watching late night TV because I'm too busy telling my readers all the great things I've found about New Jersey, from the beach in Bay Head to the greater Roxiticus Valley (Mendham, Bernardsville, and Chester, to name a few of the nearby towns). Over the past few nights, while Rex and the girls have been sleeping soundly, I've added four new blogs to Roxy's Best Of... Red Bank, Morristown, Lambertville, and Pluckemin, NJ. I'm going to add a blog for Santa Fe, New Mexico, since Rex's brother Jake lives about an hour and a half from there and we found many terrific art galleries and restaurants when we visited for Spring Break 2007.

However, I'm running out of friends and relatives who can blog about their local areas. SpicyBug, give that screaming kid a nice frozen teething ring and get to work on Florida! Bloggers, come out of your Round Rock TX homes, take a break from worrying about the Austin real estate market, and tell the world about your favorite restaurants and things to do for fun in Texas!

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SpicyBug said...

I do give him frozen rings! I'm telling ya, that kid has one set of healthy lungs. I don't dare take him into a restaurant for fear of getting thrown out on my big fat rump! This will pass and life will go back to normal, whatever normal will be hahah. I dropped by from BOTB.

Mariuca said...

Hi Roxy! I was so busy yesterday and add to that my tortoise-slow connection, I did NOT manage to do my round for Mariuca! I did get to Yeehah for MPG though, then I gave up cause it was already 5am by then. Hope u're having a good day. :):):)

Shinade said...

Hi Roxy,
Oh my I am originally from Texas you know. But, it's been years since I lived there.

The last fabulous thing I did there was visit Austin 2 summers ago to see The Rolling Stones in concert.

We also toured the LBJ library. Which if any reads this and has a tripped planned to Austin the library is definitely a must see.

You would be so surprised what a great man he truly was. It's so sad that he is only remembered in a negative manner because of The Viet Nam war.

Gotta' run...have a great week end:-)